How do I see all the tickets I have sent?

To see all tickets you’ve sent us, you’ll need to activate an account. This is really simple and will take you just a couple of minutes:

  1. Click on ‘Sign in’ in the top right corner.
  2. You’ll be taken to the login page but at this stage you won’t have a password.
  3. Under the login form click on the ‘Get a password’ link next to ‘Have you emailed us?’
  4. Enter the email address you used when you submitted your ticket.
  5. The system will send you a welcome email with a link in it. You’ll need to click on that link to verify the email address.
  6. You’ll then be taken to the website where you’ll need to create your password.
  7. Click on the ‘Verify my email address’ button and you’re done. You’ll be logged in automatically.

You’ll see that in the top right corner, where it previously said ‘Sign in’, it will now show your username.

If you click on your username a menu will be revealed. The first option is ‘My activities’ – click on it to see all the tickets you’ve ever sent using that email address.

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