Covermount issues

We’re sorry if you’ve had a problem with a cover mount. Please raise a support ticket and we will be in touch with you.

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    paul henry

    My 6 yr old son excitedly bought issue 4 of star wars rebels with the 'jedi hilt shooter' and it does not work and he is extremely disappointed and cried as he used his own saved pocket money for this. I would love to hear back from you concerning this and hope in someway you can restore my son's faith in your usually quality magazine. Thank you so much

    Paul Henry (father of Liam Henry 6 yrs old)

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    paul henry

    Ps it seems that the spring inside is installed correctly but the design doesn't work as the 'pinging action' works in the opposite way it should. Thanks!

    Paul Henry

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    Jenny Rayment

    Hi we bought the Thomas and friends limited addition gift pack for my son who's 3 and as soon as we got the Harold helicopter out of the pack it broke can you please advise as to whom I need to contact to get this resolved. My son like many boys absolutely loves Thomas so we are quite disappointed that this happened cannot please reply by email as I can then send picture of broken Harold
    From jenny Rayment

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    mel norton

    Hi I've just purchased the frozen magazine issue 12, my 5 year old daughter was really upset to find when I opened the fan there was a hole in it. She is quite upset. I would appreciate if you coUldale send me an email so I can forward you the photo of this . Many thanks

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    Linsey Archibald

    Hi there,

    I bought my 4 year old the Disney and Me magazine today (issue 548). The cars game shooter gift that came along with it looked great- but in actual fact it is dangerous. He was playing for it for all of 3 minutes when the shooter shot one of the discs into his eye- can I suggest this gift is withdrawn with immediate effect? My son was very upset and his eye bloodshot for a good while afterwards.

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